Best Practices to Ensure Transaction Integrity in CCAvenue Payment Gateway

The following Best Practices are guidelines only. It is recommended that you consult with security experts with experience in your web environment to ensure that your security is appropriate for your needs. 1. Use a unique order number for each transaction attempt CCAvenue¬†system does not validate your order number for uniqueness. If you send the […]

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Complete list of CCAvenue Response code with description

CCAvenue Response Codes Name Description Type (length) order_id Unique ID sent by the merchant at the time of initiating the transaction. Alphanumeric (30) tracking_id Unique payment reference number generated by CCAvenue for each order. Numeric (12) bank_ref_no Reference number generated by the bank for the transaction. Alphanumeric order_status Status of the transaction. Alphabets (15) Success […]

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Complete List of CCAvenue Error Codes with reason

CCAvenue Error Code Error Code Short Message Long Message Correcting this Error 10002 Authentication Failed Merchant Authentication failed This error can be caused by an incorrect merchant ID, an incorrect access code, or if the order originates from an unregistered URL. Make sure that all three of these values are correct. For your security, CCAvenue […]