Today, I am going to write about CCAvenuge Payment Gateway integration into your own website. Let's go!

Your Pre-requisites

  • CCAvenue accounts with Activation. - Merchant ID - Access Code - Secret or Encryption or Working Key
  • Integration kit from CCAvenue website.
  • Visual Studio 2012 or Later

Steps to Integration

1. Downloading Integration Kit

Login into you CCAvenue account. Then go to Resources -> Web Integration Kit -> Download Integration kit & then choose "Download ASP.NET (V3.5) as show in image below. Also, I have attached download link of ASP.NET integration kit here: ASP.Net_Kit_Version_3.5. CCAvenue Integration

2. Choose the Integration Method

CCAvenue gives 3 different types of integration.
  • Billing Page (Non-Seamless)
  • iFrame Checkout
  • Checkout Form
In our tutorial, we are going to use Billing page method. In backend almost theses 3 methods are same but front-end behaviours will vary. You can find more details about this integration method in ccavenue website.

3. Opening Project in Visual Studio

Extract the file downloaded in step 1, it will 3 folders. Go to folder NON_SEAMLESS_KIT and open the file using Visual Studio CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration

4. Adding Access Code, Encryption Key and Merchant ID into Project

1. Open the file named ccavRequestHandler.aspx and provide Access Code and Encryption Key as shown in below. CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration
  1. Open the file ccavResponseHandler.aspx and provide Encryption Key.

  2. Open the file dataFrom.htm and provide Merchant Key as shown in the image below. CCAvenue Payment Gateway Integration

    5. Adding Reference to the Project (Most Important)

    i. Right click on "Reference" to the solution explorer in Visual Studio. Adding Reference in Visual Studio

ii. Browse for the MCPG.CCA.Util.dll and add it to project reference. Adding DLL into Visual Studio

6. Build the Project

i. Clean the project. ii. Build the project.

Then go to the project folder -> Obj -> Release folder, you will find recently generated

7. Run the Project

That's all! Run the project. You will get dataFrom.htm ccavenue payment gateway integration

If you followed all these steps as mentioned, you will redirect to ccavenue website while clicking on <code>checkout button. ccavenue payment gateway integration

If you have any queries/concern, please drop in the comment section below.

Quick Info

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Aravind Appadurai